Expatriates.co.uk Worldwide B2B Partner Facility


This unique facility has been designed to provide the means for all types of businesses to be able to increase the range of products and services that they can offer to their clients, on a world wide scale. In addition to this, the products and services that your business specialises in will be available to all other members.

The clients that use this site are mainly internationally employed, high net worth individuals, of all nationalities, who have a very wide range of requirements.

Browsing this site will let you see the sort of products and services that we currently promote but we are always adding new products, in new locations.

Where a member has a product or service to offer that would align with those shown on the site, then we will add content to the site to ensure that product receives attention from both the site traffic and the other member companies.

We intend to build our property range to cover new off-plan developments, small bespoke developments, high quality residential property and high yield investment property.

This would suit the following business types - Property Developers, Property Sales Agents, Wealth Managers, Property Investors, Property Service Agents and any type of business directly connected with property and those looking to make a property purchase.

As you will see on the site, we offer a wide range of financial services and this would suit businesses who have clients who need these services,  but cannot provide them, and businesses who are authorised to sell these products and are willing to offer their services to the clients of the site and the other member companies.

This would suit the following - Wealth Managers, Mortgage Brokers, Estate Agents, Accountants, Solicitors and any company that would like to make these services available to their staff, such as Airlines, International Schools and International Companies.

The way the system works is that each member has their own unique log-in code which accesses their own individual dashboard, listing the types of products and services that they wish to introduce or provide. Entering each of the listed services will take you to your tracking system for those products (specific to you) and show you the progress status with each listed client.

When a case completes, any income received from that case will be shared between the introducer and the service provider, in pre-agreed amounts.

Through this approach, member companies gain the ability to develop and grow their businesses on a scale that may be substantially more than they could have imagined, particularly through access to the wider world.

To help with your understanding of this concept, we have set out a few examples to show the practical workings of the facility.

Worked Examples

Let us assume “Member A” has a client who is considering purchasing a portfolio of investment property in the UK, but the member would normally be unable to assist with this requirement.

Member A, would now be able to show their client the properties that are held on the site and using the detailed information contained on the site, develop the clients interest.

Once the client is sufficiently interested in a particular property or development, and with the client's permission, “Member A” can insert the clients requirements into the system and we will engage with the client to fulfil the clients' requirement.

Once the transaction has been completed, “Member A” will receive a portion of all income accrued on the case, in accordance with the pre-agreed schedule.

Let us assume “Member B” is a property sales agent specialising in offering UK property to its expat clients but the clients will need a mortgage to facilitate the purchase.

Member B. can insert their clients details into the system to have the mortgage handled by a fully authorised and regulated member company.

Once the transaction has been completed, “Member B” will receive a portion of all income accrued on the case, in accordance with the pre-agreed schedule.

Where “Member B” would gain benefit from advertising their property on the site, this would be arranged free of charge. However, where clients are generated from such advertising and they purchase a property, “Member B” would be expected to share a portion of any commissions generated from that sale, in accordance with the pre-agreed schedule.

In this example, the potential benefits to Estate Agents can be substantial, depending on how the estate agent wishes to develop their own business. A selection of the more obvious things are as shown below.

Mortgage services- “Member C” can insert their clients details into the system and have the mortgage handled by a fully authorised and regulated member company.

Once the transaction has been completed, “Member C” will receive a portion of all income accrued on the case, in accordance with the pre-agreed schedule.

Off-Plan development property- Where “Member C” has clients that may want to build portfolios of this type of property, “Member C“ can offer the properties listed on the site, to their clients, and receive in return a portion of the commission obtained from the property provider/developer.

This can often be a substantial amount of money, depending on the value of the property being purchased.

Worldwide advertising - Where “Member C” has property for sale that might appeal to overseas purchasers or clients of the sites partner companies, “Member C” can upload their properties onto their site and gain that additional worldwide exposure.

This should be a very good additional selling point for clients of any Estate Agent.

Exclusive arrangements - Where “Member C” becomes aware of suitable property development, in their area, where they would not normally be able to obtain the rights to market that development, we would work with “member C” and use our facilities and influence to obtain the selling rights to the development.

Member C” and the site, would both carry the advertising of the development and any commissions received on sales would be shared, in accordance with the pre-agreed schedule.

These are just a few examples on the types of companies and business situations where members could benefit but anyone who is considering becoming a member would be in the best position to assess the benefits to them.

One major thing to consider is where a business has a unique product or service or is in a market environment that could be expanded worldwide, we will always consider building specific site content to attract people to the site, who are looking for that product or service. Additionally, we would seek to enlist suitable new members who have products and clients that would be complimentary to that business model.

Thank you for reading this and if you would like to apply to become a member, please click on the button provided and follow the simple application process.