The rates of gas, electricity and water in the country are quite high and the prices are different depending on the authorities in the area you are living. Whether you are renting or purchasing your own property it is important to know the utility services. If you are renting, a tenant and landlord both have the responsibility to pay for the electricity, water and for those who are buying property you will need to set up all the accounts yourself.


The electricity in South Africa uses 230 volts and the charges are based on the usage and the standard household supply.

Eskom is the main provider of electricity in the country and expats will find that there are many blackouts in particular areas in the winter months.

To get the electricity connected you will need to contact the service provider and you will receive bills monthly or if you have pre-paid meters these are topped up with vouchers.


South Africa does not have any gas supply through pipes and people purchase bottled gas from local shops and service stations. You may be able to find a gas delivery service in your area


Water is supplied by the South African borough and is charged on a scale depending on how much you have used. Bills are issued on a monthly basis and can be paid via post, online or at a post office. You must note that
charges differ from the metropolitan areas.

Waste Disposal

Property owners are given a black wheelie bin by the authorities to dispose of their waste; this is then collected regularly usually once a week, however this may be different in other areas. There is a monthly charge for this and if you require another bin these can be purchased.

For things you want to recycle there are depots where you can recycle or you can contact a company who collects recyclables items.