Transport and Travel

Expats in Canada will have a variety ways of travelling around the country with a first-rate system for public transport.
Canada has many transport services – Railways, Buses, Trains, Ferry networks as well as long distance bus services. These are all available in the major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver.

Using a train is a comfortable way of getting to places and a good way of seeing Canada’s scenic views and countryside. With the different services from economy class to business and sleeper plus people of Canada would say a train journey is of a very high quality.

The national train provider is ‘Via Rail’ which will take you to many Canadian cities and small towns comfortably providing a reasonably priced, comfortable and efficient service as well as free WIFI.

Train costs are fairly reasonable but the fees will be more than using a bus, however if you are booking in advance or there is a group of you travelling, you may be able to get discount.

Larger cities in Canada all operate on an urban railway system, with majority of them being underground metro.

Bus and Coach Travel

As well as train services, there are many bus services that you will be able to use in the country. With the traffic in some large cities, expats may prefer to use the bus as it is safe and cheaper than taking a car. Furthermore, the bus services are of good quality with a comfortable and reliable travel system every city has its own transport.

Canada’s major bus system provider is ‘Greyhound Canada’ which operates in nearly 1,100 locations offering on board toilets, free WIFI, air conditioning as well as other things to make your journey comfortable and more efficient. Expats may find the same services on other bus networks in their own cities.

Coach travel is generally used when travelling long distances, and this is alternative way to plane travel. Many of the routes for coaches are in the south eastern between Windsor and Quebec City. Coach companies include: Greyhound, Orleans Express and Coach Canada.


If you would rather travel on a plane around the country when travelling long distances this is possible with the 26 airports that are part of the national airport system. Tickets are usually bought in advance for domestic travel and could be a little cheaper than buying it on the day. Canada has the second largest fleet of civil aircraft being known for having a safe and successful civil aviation.

Air Canada is the national air line with domestic flights going around the country. Other airlines include WestJet and Porter but however only cover a few routes in Canada as well as local and regional airlines.

Ferries and Ships

Travelling on ferries and ships is very convenient when travelling between the Atlantic Provinces, from the mainland to the island off the coast of British Columbia. Ferry services are available all year round connecting the mainland and islands.

Booking in advance is recommended for drivers, but pedestrians and cyclists will be able to go on without booking in advance.
Some of the ferry services in include: BC Ferries, Traversier and Bay Ferries all being reasonably priced.


Many people prefer to get a taxi due to public transport not being so reliable or not coming on time.
To get a taxi in Canada they can be booked over the phone, called for on the street or caught from a taxi rank.
In most of the Canadian cities, there are more than a few taxi companies around. The charges of a getting a taxi are fairly expensive and drivers will expect a 10-15% tip along with the metered fares.


Cycling is another popular means of transport in Canada when the weather conditions permit it. Expats will find that most cities and towns will have cycling paths making this a convenient way of getting around.
The same rules and road regulations are followed by cyclers and you are required to wear helmet for your own safety.