Removal Services

When moving to Australia expats should do their research as there are many companies who offer shipping and removal services to and from Australia, making this an easy move. If you have owned household items for over 12 months these managed with overseas shipments.

Australia has many places where expats can find shopping centres to get the household products and home furniture not needing to ship most things from their home countries.
Shipping to Australia for expats can be very expensive both by air and sea. However it is possible that if an employer has called you over they will pay for the bills to bring the furniture across.
It is found that when shipping products by sea, these are less expensive than shipping by air, but will take much longer. Expats should use both methods for most important and less important products to be shipped.

Additional expenses will be provided to expats for packaging materials and handling excessively large items and processing requirements for products. Depending on the weight of the furniture costs will be varied. Insurance should also be purchased to cover costs ensuring reliable services.

Expats will be provided to prove that they own the goods that have been shipped, presenting receipts, insurance papers. Expats have up to six months to arrive in Australia after their goods get into the country or should arrive in the country seven days prior to the arrival of their goods.