Popular USA Destinations

The US is the 4th largest country in the world by land area and 3rd by population with each major city offering their own sort of way of life and popular attractions. Expats from all over the world are attracted to the US experience what they say is the ‘American dream’.

America has a varied climate due to the size and geographical features. The regions that are by the ocean are the Pacific region, the Southern Atlantic States and Gulf States which all benefit from good weather. Summer in the USA tends to be hot between June and August with high temperatures resulting it being the busiest season when people visit. There is a mild temperature in the months between October & April-May, with wintery and cold days between Nov-March with snowfall in the north and heavy rain in some regions.

New York City

New York City, the city that never sleeps is ranked the first most popular city with a population of around 8.6 million welcoming more expatriates and foreigners into the city. Many expats move here for the reason that there is a diversity of different languages and nationalities. If moving to this city you will need to apply for a non-immigrant visa or immigrant visa depending on the purpose you have come to the country. This city is the biggest destination of American Immigration as a place being found by immigrants with it being divided into five boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Moving to New York may be quite challenging as there will be many things you will need to adjust to such as: the new schooling system as well as finding employment, however this is where most expats do move to. Expats should ensure they have invested in a comprehensive health insurance plan to take advantage of the amazing healthcare.

The city offers good transport links where the subway operates 24/7 and buses/trains are available to travel to other places.

Popular tourist attractions:

  • The Statue of Liberty and Battery Park
  • Empire State Building
  • Central Park
  • Broadway and Shubert Alley
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Brooklyn bridge
  • Times Square

Weather in New York City

The weather in New York varies to the season. In the summer, it is very hot and humid with temperatures to 29°C. In the winter, it is quite cold with temperatures staying above freezing with snowfall and winter rain. Many expats will find that autumn and spring is the most enjoyable season due to the nice weather.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles also known as L.A is the second most popular city in the United States being the centre of the nation’s film and TV industry. A place of natural beauty giving many options to explore the city, having different activities to partake in such as skiing, surfing, exploring the hot springs and soaking the sun on a beach as well as shopping. With 88 small towns and cities expats could be enjoying the L.A life due to its diversity.

Moving to L.A with children may prove difficult as it has low funded schools and you may not be able to find a school which is following the same curriculum as your home country

Expats moving to LA will find that there are a number of facilities as well as health insurance available. However, this can be very expensive. For work purposes, there are a variety of jobs available and it is competitive but you may be able to secure jobs in finance, print, healthcare, IT and restaurants. The business culture in this city may also be more relaxed and less busy than individuals would find in other cities.

Popular tourist attractions:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Hollywood walk of fame
  • Disneyland
  • Griffith Park
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Hollywood Sign

Weather in Los Angeles

The climate in LA is classified as a Mediterranean climate with seasonal changes. July is the hottest month with temperatures from 22°C (72°F)  and the coldest month is January at 13°C (55°F)  with potential rainfall. The best month to go to the beaches and swim in the sea is in September.


One of the largest cities in the US and with a population of almost 3 million people, it is one of the most enjoyable cities an expat would like to live in. Offering continuous cultural activities, the summer months will be when expatriates enjoy it the most having relaxing days as well as going to summer festivals.

Chicago has a more collection of its own unique neighbourhoods than its city with different communities and immigrants who have made this area their home. The adventures, education, jobs and possibilities are endless with top universities located here and large companies relocating to Chicago. Another benefit for expats moving here is the salary being quite higher than national average, helping afford property’s and relevant insurance which is required.

Many expats move to Chicago with children because of its standard and great range of international and private schools. Allowing children to have the best education and choosing from a range of extracurricular activities.

This is another city where expatriates will have access to the good health and medical services having the best hospitals due to the medical schools in Chicago.

Popular tourist attractions:

  • Navy Pier
  • Millennium Park
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Art Institute
  • Lincoln Park
  • Sears Towers

Weather in Chicago

The weather in Chicago varies on the month you are in. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 23°C (73°F) and the coldest is January at -6°C. The most rainfall is in July and has thunderstorms with winter being marked by heavy snowfall.

Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and is home to the US president. This is the city that is the most powerful and influential with a population of around 5.3 million welcoming new comers and expats.

Expats will find that due to Washington being the city, living here will be quite expensive with accommodation and schools.  Around the city there is many transport links so a car will not be required.  Living in DC will also offer you a good range of medical and health care facilities to choose from as Washington has one of the most regarded hospitals in the US as well as having specialist hospitals.

Children coming to Washington will have the option to go to public schools, private schools or international schools offering a good education,

Popular tourist attractions:

  • White House
  • United States Capitol
  • National Mall
  • The Washington Mall
  • Washington National Cathedral
  • Washington Monument

Weather in Washington DC

The weather in DC consists of the summer being hot and humid with the warmest months being July and August. Winters are cold with snowstorms and rainfall over December to February. The months between March and May is when it is nice as the weather is mild and humidity is low.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas a city of the state Nevada where expats moving will always have something to do. Living close to the city will allow you to enjoy the entertainment and eating facilities Las Vegas has to offer as well as the open quiet suburbs.

This city is known for expats relocating here for opportunities in hospitality businesses as well as being known as the gambling city and wedding capital of USA. However, Jobs in the city can be quite limited and is competitive offering opportunities for IT, healthcare and government professionals. Expats will discover that there are more than 500 places of worship and over 50 different wedding chapels.

Las Vegas is located in the school district and serves over 300,000 students. There is a range of universities and colleges as well as private schools available for children moving with you. It has a diverse community and offers a good experience for individuals who visit.

Popular Tourist Attractions:

  • Bellagio
  • The Mirage Casino
  • Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area
  • Las Vegas Strip
  • Caesars palace
  • Paris Las Vegas


Expats living in Las Vegas will enjoy the weather with sunshine 320 days in the year. In the summer it gets very hot so you may not be able to do many outdoor activities and January is the coldest season which will drop to 4°C.