Leisure Activities

Australians love sports, with the weather being able to permit individuals to play all types of sports are popular here. This includes cricket, rugby, tennis and many others. Australia has a wide variety of landscapes which expats are able to explore.

With the amount of beaches around Australia, water sports are very popular and are a way of life for Australians. Water sport activities such as surfing, windsurfing are done everyday especially in the hot weather. Snorkelling, Sailing and Kayaking can also be enjoyed along with the marine landscapes of the Great Barrier Reef popular for its wildlife.

Many people in Australia enjoy going to the cinema with family and friends which allows them to socialise and do different cultural activities. Every year a festival of Australian films is organised where people get together and enjoy themselves. Exhibitions are regularly organised in the many cities by local organisations.

If you are an expat that enjoys drama, there is a theatre in Sydney and Canberra where theatre plays can be watched. There is also an international jazz musical festival held every year in Melbourne.
In or around Sydney? Enjoy the Tarongo Zoo, Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife World and the Luna amusement park which offers entertainment for all ages.

Embrace the Land activities by visiting the Kakadu National park which has an archaeological and ethnological reserve. Go for a hike in the middle of these landscapes or even ride a horse or camel in the desert.

Australia is not lacking any entertainment so you will never be disappointed. There are also several activities and venues for your children including children’s farms and zoo’s, ice skating and much more.