Leisure Activities in Canada

In your spare time you may want to see or do something different and Canada offers a variety of things with 36 national parks, skiing, renting holiday homes and much more. Whatever territory or province you are living in you will definitely find something to do.

Winter Sports: Winter sports in Canada can be enjoyed all year round with going skiing, snowboarding and curling in Banff and Whistler attracting people from around the world.

Ice Hockey: If you are a fan of sports Canada is the place to be with Ice hockey being the most popular and most played sport in the country for both adults and children. Other sports include Canadian football, Basketball and Baseball all ways to keep fit and busy.

Golf: Another popular sport in the country which is laid back and enjoyable by many. There are quite a few golf courses with most of them being governed by the Royal Canadian Golf Association. Expats will meet many members who take part in competitions and golf tournaments. Majority of the golf courses will offer lessons if you are new to the sport.

Tourist Attractions: There are many places that you can visit in the country which are very popular. One of them being Niagara Falls which is one of the most popular natural wonders of the world.

Expats will also have the opportunity to attend events and festivals which are held annually with each area having their own having a variety of things to see. Some of the festivals held are:

British Colombia: If you are a fan of Jazz and folk music, you will find many music festivals around British Colombia. Vancouver Island has its own festival each year also hosting the largest Alcan Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival in North America.

Expats will come across arts and other multicultural celebrations which they can be a part of and enjoy.

New Brunswick: New Brunswick holds a Lameque International Baroque Music Festival where you can enjoy music through period instruments with choirs, orchestras and soloists.
Another popular event here is the Shakespeare by the Sea Festival which is community based and promotes artistic work focussing on William Shakespeare.

Quebec: Festivals in Quebec showcase a collection of music and film festivals in the year. There are lots of things to enjoy at the events including theatre productions, arts and concerts. Expats can join in competitive boating events and also the Regina Dragon Boat Festival which is attended by nearly 20,000 people every year.

Ontario: Ontario has most of the festivals and events in the year which include music festivals, grape and wine festivals where people can sample wines and cuisines as well as other entertainment.

Prince Edward Island:
As well as music and theatre festivals, here expats who enjoy food can take part in the International shellfish Festival. You will get the chance to learn from celebrities and gourmet cooks on how to prepare your favourite dishes