Communications in Canada

Expats moving to another country will want access to communication methods to contact their loved ones; Canada offers a variety of services for you to use.


In Canada, expats will come across different companies offering telephone services providing different packages.

One of the popular and largest companies used by Canadians is ‘Bell Canada’, This company offers all the telephone, internet and TV system services so this could be done as a package if you are looking for a company for access to the internet. You may find that in the province you are living in, they might have their own local companies offering similar services such as Telebec, Sasktel and many more.
To set up an account with a telephone company, you will need to contact them and give them your general details. The company may ask for an ID and proof of address as well as an installation fee. Before the telephone line is set up, expats will undergo a credit check or will be asked for a deposit.

Payment of telephone will then be taken on a monthly basis through direct debit. If you have more services with the same company such as Internet and Satellite, you will receive one bill which will cover the cost of everything.

The telephone numbers have 10 digits, which includes the 3 digit area code and then the further 7 digits of your own personal number. Expats using a mobile phone will need a local area code. When dialling to another country, you must dial 011 and then the country code.

Mobile phones are highly used by everyone, whether it is to ring people or to use the internet you may find a wide range of good packages to suit you with the local mobile phone companies.

Some of the mobile phone providers include: Bell Mobility, covering the whole country, Bell Aliant which covers the eastern part of Canada and Sprint Canada which covers Ontario as well as a few others covering the whole of Canada.

Please note: In remote areas of Canada, mobile phone coverage may be limited with a poor connection


Using the internet is very widespread across the country with companies offering affordable and reliable broadband services. Canada has a few internet providers covering the whole country and some will cover your local area only.

Majority of the internet companies will offer packages including telephone and television which expats could get at a discounted rate. Speak to your local internet provider to see what they have to offer before deciding on different companies for each service in your house.

The largest internet provider is Bell and Rogers. These both have a nationwide coverage offering other services. When opening a new account with Bell they will have many benefits as well as offering new customer free equipment and installation. Rogers may also offer free installation depending on what promotions are available at that time.

To open an account with an internet provider, you will be required to show documentation and complete a service agreement showing original copies of an ID and utility bill as well as paying a deposit for the service. Payment for internet services will be also taken monthly, if you go over the usage of internet you have then an extra charge will be added.

Post Office

Post Canada is one of the national postal services in the country sending post for both residential and business purposes. The rate of sending packages will depend on the weight and the size of the parcel as well as the address of where it is being sent. Expats sending to their home country will have to pay much more for sending the package.

Many Canadians, who live in a remote area, will prefer to open a mailbox in the post office due to post being delayed. This will ensure that mail is received quicker and there is a less chance of losing post. You will be charged a small fee for this and to get this opened you will need to speak to your local post office or local depot.