Communications in Australia

Australia has a variety of telephone and internet access providers like other countries around the world. Before moving you should research the best company plans which are being offered to get the best to suit you.

Australian mobile phone providers use GSM services to provide compatible phones. This ensures that you are able to travel to Australia without having to buy a new mobile and will just need to purchase a SIM card once in the country.

The most popular mobile and landline phone providers include Telstra, Optus and Vodafone Hutchinson. The annual average cost of a medium mobile phone could be around AUD$ 293.00

The following elements should be considered before selecting a landline/mobile plan

  • Is there a bundle service which offers all three mobile, landline and internet plans
  • Will international charges apply
  • Will there be any special discounts for phoning people with the same provider
  • How long will the contract be fore

Thousands of people around the country use broadband or wireless broadband to access the internet, Australia has many internet service providers around all the states with the costs being around AUD 60 per month providing easy internet access via laptop computers. Some popular internet providers include iiNet, BigPond and Intermode. Many mobile and landline service providers will also offer internet services.

The company that handles all post office services in Australia is ‘Australia post’. When you have moved to the country, expats are able to search for the nearest post office using the Street posting box locator service which is available on their website. Post offices are usually open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.