Canada’s Event Calendar

Canada has many events where expats will be able to meet others and socialise with other expatriate families. These are all celebrated annually and draw millions of visitors in each of the provinces and territories. Some of the festivals and events are listed below.

Igloo fest: A large winter festival held at the Quays in Montreal where visitors can enjoy dance and music over four weekends.

Quebec Winter Carnival: This is one of the top 20 events held in the country and is probably recognised as the world’s largest winter carnival. The Quebec festival attracts thousands of visitors of all ages who are able to take part in snow slides, giant foosball, sleigh rides, skating and snow baths.

Winter City Festival: A 14 day festival held for winter in Toronto which offers different cultures, food and outdoor events.

Calgary Winter fest: A family event which is held for 11 days celebrating winter with music, dance, carnivals, snowboarding competitions and much more.

Canada Day: This is a national holiday which celebrates the anniversary of 1st July 1867 when Canada became a new federation with its own constitution. A holiday and day off celebrated by all of the country

St Patricks Day Parade: This is another event which is held every year and is one of the largest and longest running parades. It has an appearance with a giant replica of St Patrick starting a three hour parade of floats, marching bands, cultural groups and thousands dressed in green.
Bard on the beach: This festival is held in the summer where productions of professionally produced plays by Shakespeare are shown. Anyone who enjoys theatre productions will enjoy this festival.

Winnipeg Folk Festival: With a reputation of being one of the best festivals, it showcases 250 talented musicians in all genres including blues, Celtic and blue grass music.

Celebration of Lights Festival: A celebration of light festival which is held over 2 weeks showcasing a fireworks bonanza. It is one of the largest competitions in the world.

Pacific National Exhibition: An annual summer fair in British Columbia with live music performance, sporting events, concerts and amusement rides.

Toronto International Film Festival: One of the largest publicly attended film festivals in the world.

The Pacific National Exhibition: A non profit organisation which is hosts a 17 day summer fair and amusement park in Vancouver. This is usually in August and ends in September on Labour Day.

Labour Day: Celebrated in September which is a day to campaign for and celebrate workers rights by having parades and picnics.