Annuities and the State Pension

Many people are entitled to the state pension. Even though you are planning an annuity, you should bear in mind the retirement income that will come from your State Pension benefits. Other forms of retirement income can include other pension schemes, savings and investments.

How much State Pension am I entitled to?

To find out what level of State Pension you are entitled to, please download the BR19 form using the link below.

The BR19 is a request for the government to provide you with a pension forecast for your state pension.

What other types of State Pension are there?

Other types of pension scheme related to the state pension include the graduated pension and the state earning related pension. Both of these elements should be included when seeking a pension forecast. Some workers may have chosen to opt-out of receiving their state pension, a decision known as contracting out.

How is the state pension paid?

The State Pension is paid directly into the bank, building society or other savings account nominated by the pension holder. If the state pension holder needs someone else to collect their state pension, it can be sent by cash or cheque to a Post Office.

State pensions can be used to top up your annuity and should be considered when planning your retirement.