Information for Investors

With any investment of this type, where the success of the investment will be dependant on the performance of the company you have invested in, It is vital that the management of that company has the necessary experience backed by a proven track record of successfully completing their projects profitably and on time and be able to demonstrate consistency of achievement in its area of operation.

Since its inception in 2006, this high profile group of companies has successfully developed property projects and operated businesses within the property investment and development finance sector. The Group’s management team has decades of experience within the property and financial sectors.

Since it inception, this Group has quickly become one of the fastest growing construction and development companies in the North East of England with over 200 homes, of an exceptionally high standard, under construction.

Previously issued Loan Notes

Since 2012, £50m has already been raised under the groups Loan Note program and to date, they have successfully made all interest payments and returns of capital payments, on time.

Security Provision

This Loan Note is asset backed and supported by inter-company guarantees. In addition to this security, should anything untoward affect the Group, the trustees will seize all available assets and use these to provide security to the investors, by distribution of these assets to investors, to cover their investment in line with powers stated in the Security Trust Deed.

Asset Value

As of May 2019 the certified Gross Asset Value retained in the Group was £112m with a net asset value of £68.68m.

Future Buy to Rent Market Potential

Over the last ten years, the number of people choosing to rent their home, as opposed to buying their property, has doubled. Today, approximately 20 percent of UK households and as high as 30 percent in London, are opting to rent their home from private landlords. Research suggests that as high as one in three people who were born between the early 1980s and 2000s, will stay in private renting beyond their retirement age and this is a trend that s likely to continue.

It is now estimated that the Build to Rent Sector could drive property investment to around £70bn by 2022, with the potential to build for rent by 2030 to reach around 240,000 homes.

It is against this background that that this company is currently on target to increase its annual turnover to around £400m and aims for this to reach £3bn within 3 years.