Health Insurance

One of the essentials before committing to a life overseas is ensuring that you have all of the necessary insurance to cover you against emergencies. There are several different types of insurance product that will be required upon emigrating.

Health insurance

Ensuring that you and your family can access healthcare is a priority, and should be treated as such. Making sure health insurance is sorted before moving is very important, because it could get very costly if it still isn’t in place, and someone becomes ill. It may even lead to essential medical treatment being delayed.

There are number of factors that are important to consider before deciding on an insurance plan.

Finding an insurance company

Make sure that you’re covered for everything you might need. This is imperative because different countries have differing policies on healthcare.

You might, for example, live in a country in which public healthcare is provided through taxation taken straight out of your wages. In a number of countries healthcare comes at a cost and it is especially vital to ensure you have health insurance in these.

Existing medical conditions

The majority of insurance policies will cover any existing medical conditions, provided they have been outlined in the initial application phase.

It is important that the application form is filled out honestly and accurately, to avoid causing problems later on, which can be costly as well as causing a great deal of trauma.


If you are pregnant when leaving the country, or are planning to have a child within the first two years of your stay in abroad, ensure that your insurance covers you for maternity.

While a number of insurance policies offer maternity as part of the cover, some will require additional premiums, so make sure you check your insurance details thoroughly. Some insurance companies some may even require a policy to have been held previously for 12 months or more.

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