Other Information To Consider

You should fully understand what isn’t covered as well as what is covered. It is important to read the small print especially if you are buying online.

  • Would you need rapid settlement, say within 14 days?
  • Wanting access to 24 hour helpline
  • Are accidents and injuries included?

Portability entails special consideration. This is cover that can be continued in another country without requiring re-underwriting. Many people who settle abroad don’t expect to revisit their home country but it can be important to make sure that the cover holds well if you were to move. If you’ve suddenly developed a long-standing or chronic condition, such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or skeletal injury, you may not be re-insurable after moving. Your condition may be deemed as being pre-existing and you will have to pay a heavy load on your premium.

Evacuation cover is a questionable expenditure in countries with good medical services. It is top of the “must” list in underdeveloped countries, where you’re inaccessible from medical services. Bills exceeding the limit of £50,000 are not unknown for medivacs, and there’s medical care on top of it. Unless you are very wealthy, without this cover you would have difficulty arranging air ambulances, hospitals to go to, arranging border crossings or arrange with a hospital for quick treatment on arrival. When ill, your ability to organise these things will be seriously reduced.