Inactive EU Nationals Under Retirement Age

Non-working expats who are under pensionable age are entitled, in many states, to have medical cover. These states require cover of a certain level and are provided by a licensed insurer.
Spain is quite strict and acted after critics stated Britons were freeloading on health care whilst not working. The British embassy in Madrid has previously said “UK nationals living in Spain, but not officially resident, are not automatically entitled to health care in Spain at UK expense.” Using EHIC when not needed to get Spanish health care is fraud, it states that
“They may have no right to health care in the UK, as they are not ordinarily resident there.”
Good brokers will understand what policies and providers comply in Germany and France, where insurance is essential for any inactive EU expats under the retirement age.

Countries with large expatriate communities and where medical cover is necessary are; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi holidaymakers may be required to show travel insurance cover. Foreign nationals have been barred by the emirates if they are without the correct paperwork from entering into the country.

It is known that America has the best and most expensive medicine in the world, meaning that private insurance is effectively needed.

Britons, who tend to spend less than six months a year in the UK but remain within Europe, are denied access to the NHS, excluding any emergencies. However tougher regulations apply to Britons outside the EU. They are generally not entitled to non-emergency treatment if they spend less than three months in the UK. It has been stated that any changes were not fundamentally targeting Britons, who might have paid a lifetime of National Insurance contributions and then moved abroad. This means they may have a risk of being caught out.

For those who are not able to pay for health care, insurance is the best option. However those with the correct international insurance cover will not need to worry and will be re-accepted as an NHS patient if on returning to Britain they can prove they are back for good and are renouncing their E121 card.