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Expat Mortgages

Buying a house is one of the most important purchases you will make, and buying a home for the first time will be an even more daunting prospect.Add to this the vast array of mortgage products available from a wide range of sources, and you are left with a high-stress, confusing decision.

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Expat Secured Loans

Secured or bridging loans for expatriates are becoming quite a popular option to release equity from a existing propertly a lot quicker than the traditional mortgage route which can take up to 3 months.
Secured loans are flexible in that they help expats to raise additional funds while leaving an existing expat mortgage in place.

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Expat Investments and Savings Guides

As an expat investing and savings you need to take into account many things including your tax position, where your money will end up, currency volatility, how to reduce the level of risk to reach your investment goals ,whether that is your retirement or children’s education.

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Expat Pension Guides

As a British expat living abroad or a foreign national living in the UK seeking an independent view on their pension options becomes very important. Whether you’re beginning your career or about to draw an income from your pension, there are so many options available it is important to seek independent expert advice. As an expat, the number of options increase significantly, but the rules also become more complicated.

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Expat Wealth Management

Wealth management is a service that is sought by fairly well off people who want to take positive steps to secure their financial future. As these types of people go through life, they like to always be in control of their own destiny and that means being in a position where they are always aware of their financial circumstances and be able to take proper account of their future known, and also some unknown, changing needs

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