Transport and Travelling in the USA

Like every other country, in USA there are many different ways of transport, from having your own car to the affordable public transport there will always be ways of getting around. Expats moving to the country will consider what transport method is best for them as well as their budget and how much travelling time they want to spend.

Bus and Coach Travel

If you are looking for a transport option which is cheap and fast then many American people prefer to use the bus. This is not only the fastest option for intercity travel but also covers popular tourist routes. When expats arrive in a new country this is a good way to explore the country and its landscapes.

The bus fare in America is reasonable giving discounts to students, senior citizens and other people who have a specific bus ticket. Buses can be used for Inter city travel with services being provided from Greyhound Lines. Greyhound Lines is a convenient, low cost service which covers a city to city service

Coach services in the USA are reasonable and have a good reputation of being clean and comfortable. Some bus and coach services provide a no smoking coach which have recliner seats and lavatories. Some of these may have other luxuries such as WIFI and Power outlets on seats. If you are travelling on a coach you will be allowed to take one piece of luggage as well as a carry-on bag without any charges.

In the USA there are two best known interstate bus service providers, these are Greyhound and Megabus. Trailways is another bus company which operates bus routes in many states so expats should ensure that they compare the prices between these services as well as local small bus services around the area. Expats find that by buying tickets in advance these can be cheaper and some providers offer a limited number of tickets for $1.

Train Travel

The United States of America is known to have the largest railway network in the world, which is mainly used to transport freight. If you are looking for a comfortable and relaxing journey, using a train will be a good way to travel. With the option of choosing between coach, business or first class, travelling on the train is inexpensive and convenient which offers many discounts. Some cities in the USA have trains connecting to airports which save money and time without the need of sitting in the city traffic.

One of the biggest intercity train providers linking over 500 destinations across 46 states is Amtrak. Expats travelling on these trains will find that these are safe, relaxing and also comfortable. To travel on Amtrak trains, there is many ways tickets can be purchased, which can be through a mobile device online, over the phone, station kiosks, travel agents or sometimes on board depending on where you are travelling from. Discounts are available on trains for children, senior citizens, students and veterans. The cost of the ticket can depend on what class you are travelling on plus an accommodation charge. Passengers may take their own food and drink, take their electric devices and are able to use the WIFI.

The major cities such as New York and San Francisco also have railway services as well as underground train services, these are described as subways and expats will notice that some train routes with have underground and surface train stations/stops.


Many people prefer to use taxis or cabs so that they have no problem in finding parking and also because waiting for a public transport can take longer than expected. In the USA, cabs are mainly found in the inner city and outlying suburban areas as well as small towns. Taxis are very convenient, however can be extremely expensive in the city. Taxis can be hailed at in the street, at taxi ranks and can stands. An alternative way is to reserve a taxi over the phone.


If you enjoy travelling and exercising, one way of getting around can be using a bicycle. On the roads there are designated cycle lanes, public bike racks and lockers so you will have no problems getting to places. Riding a bike in the USA is possible by using the bicycle friendly routes.

Air Travel

Expats living in the USA find that air travel is a fast way to travel between the different states.

There are many large domestic airlines which offer intercity services some of these include: Southwest, United Airlines and American Airlines. Small airlines provide services on specialised routes however may partner with larger carriers for customer convenience and more state coverage.

To travel by air, you will need to purchase tickets online, from travel agents or from the airport. If you’re one to love a discount, the best way you can take advantage is by purchasing online. Expats should be aware that when travelling by air there will be immigration, custom and security check points.

As an expat if you need to travel between states for whatever reason including work, you can take a domestic flight. If you are legal in the USA, you are able to travel without a passport as long as you have a valid government photo ID such as a driving license.