Removal and Shipping Services

When moving to another country, expats may want to take some belongings with them. The costs of this will depend on the area of where they are being shipped to and how large the items are.

The east and west coasts of America have major ports which makes shipping easier and less expensive than inland. If you are moving to a region without a port, this will require sea and land transport removal and may prove more expensive.

Removal is another thing that expats should do research on as some shopping companies will arrange for the transport and other will only offer one part of a delivery. You may also want to consider buying cargo insurance from a company other than the one you have used for shipping so that there is a reliable coverage.

When in contact with a removal company, you may be required to fill out a form which is a list of your possessions and you will also need to value your possessions for insurance. You should also find out if the removal company will unload your belongings to your address or if you will need to pick them up from a warehouse, which will have an added cost.

International moves will take a much longer time to ship goods, so individuals should ensure that their possessions are packed safely and securely. You should also note the contents of what you have packed, and give a copy of this to the removal company to ensure it goes through customs.

To find out what you are not allowed to take, you must contact the removal companies. Here is a list of some items that may be prohibited

  • Batteries, – these should be removed from domestic equipment
  • Flammable materials
  • Liquids
  • Food, cigarettes and alcohol
  • Compressed gas and aerosol containers

Before loading your belongings which you are moving a document must be signed which will show the terms and conditions of the contract, transportation, weight carried, name and address of customer and Removal Company. By signing the waybill you will agree to the terms and conditions and give permission to the company to start transferring your items.

 The removal payment will vary and a deposit must be given to the company before items have been loaded. You should organise a payment plan with the removal company.

Important info: Contact the American embassy or consulate for more information about relocation in the country as well as customs.