Leisure Activities

When going to live in another country you will find many things to do in all the different cities whether it being going to the movies, playing sports or even going to local events, expats will find there is always something to do.

Movies: Watching movies is still very popular in every country and in America you will see that there is a cinema in every town.

Parks: There are many free events in parks which are organised by recreating departments. These events are usually free and held at the local parks. This is another way of getting to know the community and even meeting other expats who are living in the same city. There are also parks which have playgrounds where children can be taken and some where sports activities/ groups are playing football and other activities which you could join.

Sports activities: Sports activities in the US include American football, baseball and Americans favourite sport Basketball. Soccer, golf and hockey are also very popular sports played. Expats will have opportunities to join/play with men and women’s teams playing as a league or locally.

Music: Music is very dominant in the American culture. Larger cities will have bands touring in the US and your music will be well catered for.

Arts & Crafts: If you are someone who enjoys arts, drawing, painting and pottery then there are many schools or communities where you are able to join a course and meet new friends.

Outdoor activities: The weather in the USA permits Americans to do a lot of outdoor activities. These include, camping, fishing, boating, hiking and walking. These activities are very much enjoyed by a number of people as the country has beautiful natural views.

Church activities: Many Americans go to the church and attends the regular Sunday services. Many people’s social lives include other church activities, such as youth groups, charity work and religious retreats. If you are an expat who would enjoy this then you could speak to your local church. This is another good way in meeting the local community.