Leisure Activities

There are a wide range of outstanding leisure facilities for sports and recreational activities to take part in Spain. From football clubs, Basketball, Motor Sport, Golfing and many more.

Sports: The country has many known football clubs which in recent years have won the world cup. Madrid and Barcelona are some of the popular clubs which some of the UK players transfer to. Generally, each week millions of Spanish locals enjoy watching football matches and several thousand even go to the games at the stadiums. There are also many other growing sports in the country which many enjoy such as tennis and golf.

Basketball: A popular sport around the country which is played by many, there are 18 teams who participate in the big games for the Spanish national leagues.

Motor Sports: Another popular sport which attracts big crowds at the forumal one tracks close to the city of Barcelona.

Golfing: There are many golfing holidays which are available in and around Spain with many golf courses. Golf is a popular sport for leisure time when people have retired

Skiing:  The country attracts many skiers from all over the world with around 20 skiing resorts available to go to.  The ski resorts are suitable for all ages and abilities from experience to beginner skiers. As well as this expats can enjoy skiing in quiet and laid back resorts with smaller resorts around the country.

Tourist attractions: There are many architectural buildings and tourist sites that can be visited by holiday makers and people residing in Spain

Cinema:  A popular past time in Spain but the English speaking movies have Spanish subtitles or are dubbed. If the film showing has VOSE, VOSC or VO it will be screened in English language.