Regional and Traditional Cuisine

Spain is famous for its seafood, sangria and paella which many enjoy as well as other few traditional foods. There is much importance on buying and cooking your own food in Spain with many handing down recipes which are enjoyed with families.

Regional Cuisine

Each region in Spain has its own regional dishes which they are particular about, for example

  • Galicia: You will find seafood and goose barnacle
  • Catalonia: Raw tomatoes on toast and various rice dishes
  • Valenica: Rice with fried fish or gazpacho

As well as the savoury dishes the Spanish also specialise in sweet dishes which everyone thoroughly enjoy. Expats will find that there are traditional sweet dishes all over Spain which everyone can indulge in.  Some of the sweet dishes include Thin Pastry Almond Tart, Long Pastries and hot chocolate sauce, Creme caramel, Fried bread with cinnamon and Layered pastry with fillings.

The traditional cuisines consist of recipes including Spanish tortillas, vegetable omelettes, potatoes, savoury pastry pockets with fruit, meat or fish, paella with rabbit and chicken and cold tomato soups.


Spain has many local bars with groups of people gathering around and sitting on terraces during the evenings.

Coffee is a hot beverage which is enjoyed with a coffee in the form of a cortado, latte or espresso. As well as this many locals have orange juice with their coffees at breakfast time.

Another thing that is common in the country is that when at bars, customers will get various forms of tapas from crisps, olives and Spanish tortilla.

Breakfast: Spanish locals enjoy cereal, toast, pastry croissants or churros with chocolate sauce.

Lunch: This is the largest meal of the day and contains simple meat or fish with bread

Dinner: Dinner is eaten from 8pm onwards and locals would have sandwiches, a small light meal or salads