Leisure and Recreational Activities

The climate in South Africa allows people to take part in many activities including outdoor activities and sports. The major national sports are cricket, rugby and soccer which has made the company host in major sporting events as in the World cup and this has seen citizens play sports sincerely.

South Africa has a Sports and Recreation organisation which is mainly responsible for all sports events and recreations in the country. There are many clubs around the country which offer teams and leagues that you or your children may be able to join.

Leisure activities: From camping, hiking, surfboarding and scuba diving, there are a variety of leisure activities that you can take part in. Other activities include hot air ballooning

Fitness: Expats who want to keep up the normal routine such as going to gym can do so in South Africa. There are many gyms and fitness centres available around the cities and before you join a gym, it is advised that you visit before making a decision. You should also find out about the best services and costs.

With the citizens and residents of the country being rather welcoming, there are many expat clubs and groups that you can join to make new friends and make your move easier.

Gambling: This is legal in the country and if this is something you enjoy, you will find many casinos in the major cities.

Wildlife: This is one of the greatest treasures in the country and there are many parks and lodges where expats can enjoy safaris and bush oriented activities.

Shopping: Expats who enjoy shopping will find many shopping malls and boutiques available. The range of products and services are similar to western malls but you may not be able to find the same things as other countries. High end boutiques can be found at the larger cities such as Cape town and Johannesburg.

Braai: This is a barbecue where people cook meat over hot coals which are given with salads and alcohol. It generally takes place around the sporting events.

Arts and Theatre: The country has a thriving arts culture with international and local productions which are shown in theatres.

Nightlife: Nightlife is very popular especially amongst the youngsters and in Cape Town there are many nightclubs you can visit. However, if you prefer to have a quiet night out with a relaxing meal then there are many restaurants in the cities.