Annual Events for Meeting and Socialising

Moving to another country sees some people finding it difficult to adjust especially when on their own. However, with the events that are on and other expats in the country you will be able to find ways to meet others and socialise.

Here is a list of the top events which take places on a yearly basis

Kaapse Klopse: This event takes place in Cape town on the 2nd of January to celebrate Tweede Nuew Jaar. Cape Minstrels wear bright outfits, sporting umbrellas and sing traditional songs.

Randfontein Show: A four day event held in March which has food, and top entertainment for the whole family. Hundreds of people come here to celebrate the West Rand’s food and music festival.

Hobby-X Joburg: the leading hobby crafts expo held in Mach which has equipment, supplies and ideas for South Africans to take up a hobby.

Human Rights Day: A national day which is held on the 21st March to remember the sacrifices taken to attain democracy for the country. On this day 69 people died and 180 people injured when the police fired on a peaceful crowd which were holding a protest.

Freedom Day: Remembers the day when the first election was held in the country. It is celebrated to mark the liberation of the country

Women’s Day:  A national holiday which commemorates the national march of women to petition against legislation that was necessary for African people to carry the pass.

Dance Umbrella: A festival of modern dance which presents community based dance groups to international companies.

Cape Town International Jazz Festival: Two day festival in April which features over 40 international and African acts which perform live on stage to around 15,000 visitors. It also holds photographic and art exhibitions

Afrika Burn: This is a festival which is based on the burning man festival which grew out of a loose group of individuals. It is about self expression

National Arts Festival: Held in June or July and is one of the biggest arts festivals in the country. It is a 10 day event which showcases music,dance, film more.

Kynsna Oyster Festival: A festival held for the town of Knysna which is known for its oysters to celebrate them. If you enjoy sea food this is an event for you where you can enjoy live entertainment and sporting events.

Arts Alive: An event which has been held from 1992 and it hosts a mix of dance, visual arts, poetry and music. A conecert is geld in the stadium which has many international artists. It is a four day festival to enjoy

Herman Charles Bosman Weekend: This celebrates the work of Herman who was the country’s greatest writers.