South African Cuisine and Influences

The cuisine in the country is very diverse and has been influenced by different cuisines such as British, Dutch, German, Malay, Indian, Portuguese and indigenous tribes. Most families prefer to buy groceries from stores and cook at home with the imported and local produce which are of good quality. Some of the most popular foods in the South Africa include:

Braaivleis: This is when meat is cooked over an open wood or fire which is done at social events and on weekends.

Pap: A porridge which is made with corn meal and is usually eaten at breakfast. Krummelpap is a crumby porridge which is served covered with a saucy tomato dish.

Boerewors: A spicy sausage eaten by many as well as rolls which are hotdog buns and are garnished with an onion and tomato relish.

Potjiekos: Meat and vegetable stew made in an iron pot over an open fire. Also popular at Braai

Biltong and Droewors: Seasoned meat or sausage which has been dried. Other meats used are Beef and Game.

Bobotie: A meatlone with a cape malay flavour, seasoned with curry and spices

Fast Foods: There are different international fast food outlets available in the country worldwide such as KFC, McDonalds, Nandos and Wimpy. Pizza delivery is also available but in most urban areas

Alcohol: Expats must be over 18 to purchase and drink alcohol and this is served in most restaurants. There is also a local beer production which is controlled by SABmiller. Imported beers are available such as Stella Artois, Heineken and Grolsh. Prices however do vary