Leisure Activities for Expats

New Zealand has various things to do around the country so that you can enjoy your free time and get back into activities you took part in, in your home country.

The north island has activities from bungee jumping, climbing and sailing. Sailing is a popular leisure time for the kiwis in addition to whale watching for tourists.

Other popular attractions for tourists include the lord of the rings tour, city tours and visiting the glow worm caves.

If you are living close to the south island in New Zealand expats are spoilt for choice and do hot air ballooning, watch the Maori performances and go on the Christchurch Gondola ride.

Flight 1941 Vintage Tiger moth: An unforgettable experience where you can take a flight over the lake Wanaka enjoying air acrobatics.

Social activities: In the larger cities there are many social activities expats can take part in with evening entertainment, restaurants, bowling allies and night clubs. In the smaller towns there is nightlife but it is more relaxed than the larger cities.

Sports: When moving to New Zealand, expats are spoilt for choice with all the various types of sports available in the country.

New Zealanders enjoy their sports and the national sport is Rugby. Cricket is played by many and is one of the national sports mainly in the summer months. With men and women’s national teams in different sports, many people enjoy and join clubs to socialise and keep active. Females enjoy playing netball or tennis with it being the largest competitive sport in the country whereas men prefer sports such as golf and cricket.

There are also many children’s clubs for both girls and boys, with boys joining soccer and rugby clubs and girls enjoying swimming and horse riding.

Water Based Sports:  If you enjoy water sports there is so many activities you can take part in. Yachting and Surfing is popular and with the mountains, tourists come to the country for skiing holidays.

Snowboarding: Expats who bring their children will find snowboarding is a popular sport with the youngsters and it is encourages for children.

Fishing:  A good time pass for the elders but you will be required to have a license to do this on rivers and lakes. A day permit or a half year license will need to be purchased

Gyms: Those who don’t enjoy outdoor activities will have the opportunity to get gym membership but this is usually not popular as outdoor sports. The membership prices do vary depending on the type of gym and where it is located.

Sightseeing:  There is so much to see in the country with the amount of beaches, forests and mountains all around. With the scenic and beautiful views you will be in awe. The bay of islands is one of the most visited destinations in New Zealand, which has around 144 small islands and beaches where you can watch dolphins and enjoy fishing. A full guide of the attractions in the country can be seen on the NZ tourism guide.

Expats who are new to the country may want a guided tour and luckily enough these are available around the country.

Entertainment: The larger cities in New Zealand and incredible nightlife with many popular bars and nightclubs available to enjoy nights out, cocktails and fine dining. There are many restaurants with different cuisines so whatever you fancy you will find.