Social Events in New Zealand

The events in New Zealand are a great way to socialise and get to know what and why these are celebrated in and around the city you are living in. Here is a list of cultural events and festivals that you should definitely attend when living or visiting the country.

Pasifika Cultural Festival: A festival which takes place annually in March to celebrate music, food and arts of the communities on the pacific islands. One of the most significant festivals in the south pacific consists of 11 villages.

Auckland Lantern Festival: One of the most popular events in the country where Albert park is lit up with lanterns, stage performances, dance and music. Expats will be able to enjoy the food stalls and a fireworks display

Parihaka Peace Festival:  Festival which includes Kiwi music, film festivals, arts and crafts. This is an enjoyable way new Zealanders start the summer

Balloons over Waikato: Held annually in March where expats will get to enjoy and see a sky full of hot air balloons.

Christchurch world buskers Festival:  This is an annual event held all over Christchurch; families can enjoy free and paid events with acts from music and comedy.

Wellington Meridian Gardens Magic: The meridian garden festival has been held annually for 38 years where visitors can enjoy gigs and great music

Queenstown Winter Festival: To celebrate the start of winter in June all over Queenstown. Visitors can enjoy music, food and fireworks providing entertainment before people hit the mountains for skiing. It is a 10 day celebration offering fun activities.

Cadbury Chocolate Carnival: A carnival enjoyed by chocolate lovers whatever their age. A carnival held down Balwin Street which is the world’s steepest street.

Wellington Sevens: This is the biggest sports party events where rugby teams come together. Visitors can watch live performances, dancing and take part in competitions.

The World Masters Games: A multi-sport event taking part all over Auckland where you can celebrate and enjoy entertainment at the Queens Wharf.

Auckland Sea Food Festival: Expats who enjoy sea food can enjoy a three day show of food and cooking demonstrations. It provides live music and different types of food with profits from the event going to charity.

Takapuna Beach Cup: A three day paddle festival which hosts seven events over three days. You will be able to take part in racing in the clear waters or even around the iconic volcano island.

Wine and food festivals: These are usually held in the summer from December – March where people come all over the world to attend different events.

Waitangi Day: A public holiday in New Zealand on the 6th February held every year to celebrate the New Zealand’s founding document ‘The Treaty of Waitangi’

Anzac Day:  One of Australia’s important national occasions which mark’s the anniversary of the major military action which was fought by Australian and New Zealand forces in the First World War. This happened on the 25th April

Taranaki Anniversary:  This celebrates the creation of the Taranaki province in March

Hawke’s Bay Anniversary:  A day which celebrates the separation of the Hawke’s bay province when it was split from Wellington and formed its own region