Communications Technology

Expats moving to another country will want to keep in touch with their friends and family back home. With New Zealand being an English speaking country expats will find there is good international mobile phone providers and internet services that are available.


When choosing an Internet service provider, there are different options available from an ASDL line, high speed broadband or pre-paid 3G Broadband. Generally the internet connection in the country is quite slow and expensive but customers will be able to find information on packages online as well as by calling the company itself.

The main company in New Zealand used is Telecom which provides both internet and phone connections. Not only does this offer Internet services, it also offers telephone and television services. The internet speed does however usually depend on the type of connection and line quality there is. For those who are living in rural areas where only dial-up internet is available, internet speed will be slower and they will get the option to have Satellite or wireless internet services which will give them a faster internet connection.

There are ADSL and wireless broadband packages available from other provides such as Vodafone and Orion.

Expats, who don’t have internet connection at home, will have access to also free WIFI in many cafes’, restaurants and around the main city centres.

To arrange a connection expats must call the company to get it installed, and you may be asked to provide proof of address, residency status and an ID. Companies may also carry out a credit check.

Bills are usually issued monthly and paid via direct debit, over the phone or at a post office.

Mobile Telephones

Telecom, Vodafone and 2degrees are some of the mobile phone providers in the country. A phone contract can only be bought if they are legally in the country and individuals must be able to show two forms of Identification and proof of address to sign up.

There are different options available for customers from Pay as you go and contracts.

Expats who are using their own phone from their own country and are in New Zealand for a short time will not have any problems using it if on a global roaming contract. Majority of newcomers prefer to buy a mobile phone and contract when in New Zealand.


Landline is still highly used around the country especially because when making a local landline call it is free of charge. Many phone providers offer a range of packages with good rates on both national and international calls. Those who sign up with an ADSL package may be also be offered free landline calls as it can quite expensive.

One of the largest service providers in New Zealand is Telecom, who provides a range of services. There are also many smaller companies available for the region that you are living in.

In order to be connected to a phone line, expats must contact the company and will need to provide proof of address and an ID. To get connected it can take a few days depending on the services you have chosen. Landline bills are issued on a monthly basis and customer can choose to pay through direct debit, sending a cheque, through the bank or even online.

Postal Services

New Zealand postal services have a good reputation and are reliable with a fast service. They offer a wide range of services including paying for bills, sending money to foreign countries and travel insurance.

Some areas may not have mail delivery services; therefore you will need to use a community mailbox which is organised through a post office. Customers will then be given a key to allow them to take their post.

PO boxes and a Private bag is also available to have which keeps mail secure , a fee is paid each year and an ID must be shown each time you pick up mail. This can also be arranged through the post office.

For those who want to send post overseas, the price will be determined by the weight and what country it is.