Transport & Travel

Ireland has a state run bus and rail service which operates through the country, and is efficient and widespread. Using public transport is cheaper and faster than driving which provides transport to different parts of the city. All public transport is easily accessed and is walking distances from each other.


Whether it is to go to work, to do a bit of sightseeing or even go shopping, the rail network is comfortable and connects the major towns and cities making it convenient for expats to travel around.

There are affordable options for everyone who live in the towns and work in the city. Majority of the trains are connected to surrounded counties by the Dublin Area Rapid Transport system. This rail service has trains arriving every 15 minutes and is efficient.

Another train service in Ireland is Commuter rail which provides services out of Dublin.


Buses in Ireland are widely used having a city and intercity bus network with affordable travel charges.

The most common bus operator in Ireland is Bus Eireann which covers the main routes. Other bus operators are available which also run intercity buses. Most of the buses are wheelchair accessible and passengers will have the advantage of not being stuck in any traffic with the designated bus lanes that are available.


Another popular way of travelling is cycling. There are many cycle lanes for those who wish to keep fit and cycle to work and when in the city it is possible to hire a bicycle. Many Irish residents enjoy cycling through the country side riding through the beautiful scenic views.


For those who don’t enjoy using public transport, taxis are available mainly in the city centre. These can be pre-booked or hailed at and the taxis generally indicate if they are in service.