Leisure Activities

There are a wide range of outstanding facilities for sports and recreational activities. With sports ranging from golf, cycling, Gaelic football, soccer and rugby.

Sports: One of the popular sports in Ireland is Gaelic football; this is the same as rugby but is usually played on a bigger pitch. There are many clubs available in all areas which expats can join in.

For any sports that expats would enjoy playing, it is worth contacting the local Irish Citizens bureau who will be able to provide you with information about sports groups and clubs that are available in your area.

Cycling: Cycling is another sport/ leisure pass time that is popular with residents and tourists being able to hire a bicycle in the city. Cyclers will also have the option to take part in the events which are available all year round.

Gyms: For those who prefer to work out in a gym, will find there are over 100 gyms available in the country. Packages are paid monthly or yearly and day passes are available.

Music is also an important part of the Irish culture with a dance that goes with it. You will find that everywhere you go there will be traditional music played

Ireland is also home to many museums which tourists enjoy visiting, from the national museum to the first public library. With the country having a long interesting history there are many site attractions that can be found all around the country.

Blarney castle is a famous attraction which has said to grant the gift of expression to anyone who kisses it. Another natural attraction which is popular is the Cliffs of Moher, a set of cliffs stretching for fiver mils and are hundreds of feet high.

As well as the attractions there are many guided tours which you can take part in for a small fee.

Expats will find that in the city, there is refined and classy restaurant, bar and nightclub scene providing all sorts of entertainment.  For a night out with your work colleagues or friends, there are many nightclubs and restaurants which range from different cuisines, pubs and music.