Annual Social Events in Ireland

There are many popular events that are held all year round where expats can meet others and socialise especially if a newcomer in the country. Some of these include:

St Patricks Day Festival: This is a week celebrated to commemorate St Patrick who was the patron saint of the country. It is a national public holiday and a parade is held every year which thousands of people attend.  There are funfairs, music and comedy performances for all.

Orangemen’s Day: An annual celebration held in July to mark victory of William III over James II at the Battle of Boyne and Battle of Augbrim. This is a national bank holiday

Bloom Festival: This is one of Ireland’s top gardening shows which is held in May. Gardeners are given the opportunity to showcase their produce allowing consumers to taste. There is great food, drink and music with activities run for families to enjoy.

Galway Races: Ireland’s famous horse racing festival with over 150,000 people attending. This is usually held in July

Christmas: Christmas is celebrated grandly with singing choirs and street musicians. Catholics crowd all the churches in the country for a midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

St Stephens Day: A national holiday in Ireland on 26th December which honours the martyr, celebrated with traditional ceremonies, trips to pubs and huge feasts.

Blooms day: This is a celebration which honours James Joyce who was Irelands’ famous literary master. This is held in June and there are a many activities and performances around the country. Some Irish residents go for a pilgrimage to the locations which are mentioned in the book.

Cat Laughs Comedy Festival: Held in June is a comedy festival showcasing the best international and Irish comedy acts.

Galway Oyster Festival:  This is a festival held every September which celebrates the International oysters and seafood. It is a weekend full of fun including music, celebrity cooks offs and good quality seafood.

Puck Fair: This is one of the country’s oldest festivals which have been celebrated for over 400 years. There is a coronation ceremony, parade, night concerts and traditional music and dancers.

For more information on the events and festivals held in your area, contact the local Irish national citizen’s office.