Finding Employment & Work

Finding employment may be difficult unless you are a skilled professional with qualities and skills that cannot be found within Irish citizens. Most EU citizens don’t find it as difficult as Non-EU citizens to find employment although the competition is generally quite tough.

The good news for expats is that there might be a demand for certain professional workers especially for those in IT, health, architecture and medical occupations to be employed in specific industries. The growing IT sector is attracting more people to work in Ireland which has helped support the economy.

Unfortunately some foreign workers may not be eligible to apply for some jobs except under certain circumstances. These jobs include – Administration, Retail and craft workers. This is due to the effects of global crisis with the government introducing rules to ensure that only Irish and EEA nationals are given priority for the new jobs being advertised.

Finding a Job

To look for work there are many on-line jobsites which advertise jobs in Ireland specialising in particular sectors. Expats will also be able to look for work in national and local newspapers and can get help from employment agencies.  As well as this, the professions in Ireland are associated with an organisation the association may in turn regulate the profession.

Some popular websites used by expats:


Facts about working in Ireland

  • Business hours: The working hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm with an hour lunch break.
  • Business language: The main language spoken is English but some may speak Irish or Gaelic
  • Dress Code: The dress code is smart and modest
  • Greeting: A handshake is the usual greeting in business

Opening a Business

Some Expats moving to Ireland may decide that they want to open up their own business due to the freedom and responsibility that they will have. Residents will find a welcoming and friendly work environment.

Many foreign companies however say Ireland is a gateway to enter the European market with many multinational companies opening offices in Dublin.