Driving Rules and Regulations

Driving is on the left hand side of the road which will only take a few days to get used to with the safe clean roads Ireland has. However it can get a little trickier when using country roads with them being curvy and rocky.

Expats are able to drive if they have a valid foreign driver’s license for 12 months in Ireland. Once the 12 months are over, expats will be required to apply for an Irish driver’s license.

There is an agreement in place with EU/EEA countries where they are able to exchange their license for an Irish one without taking a driving test. For those who are not EU/EEA nationals must apply for an Irish license after 12 months and will be required to take a driving test.

To apply or exchange a license, the application form is available online on the Oasis government website or it can be obtained from a Motor taxation office. This will have information on what documentation is required against your completed application form.

Some of the documents may include:

  • Current license
  • Medical report
  • Appropriate fee
  • Driving license eyesight report

Speed Limits

There are five different types of speed limits throughout Ireland

  • Town and City : 50 Kilometres per hour in built up areas (Other than motorways or other speed limit zones)
  • National Road: 100 Kilometres per hour including dual carriageways
  • Motorway: 120 Kilometres per hour on all motorways.
  • Regional and Local: 80 Kilometres per hour
  • Special: 30 Kilometres per hour or 60 Kilometres per hour. These are applied to roads on the outside of built up areas.

There is a penalty charge if you are caught speeding with a fixed charge fine and penalty points on the licence.