Irish Cuisine

The Irish cuisine consists of fresh local ingredients which is prepared and presented with a twist. The food is known for the freshness and quality with majority of the cooking being done with only salt and pepper.

Irish residents prefer to eat fast foods and in pubs due to the food being expensive in restaurants and the selection of vegetarian food being limited outside the city.

There are selected foods such as seafood, meats and soups which are important in the Irish diet. Irish residents particularly enjoy seafood, including lobster, scallops and oysters with the country being surrounded by water.

Irish stew is recognised as the national dish of the country which consists of potatoes, carrots, lamb and bacon.

Most popular foods:

  • Tradiitonal Irish stew
  • Irish soda bread
  • Corned beef with cabbage
  • Barm brack
  • Colcannon – a potato and cabbage dish served on Halloween
  • Champ – Most widely eaten potato dish


The price of food in supermarkets varies on which supermarket you are buying from; eating out in restaurants can be quite expensive.