Popular Expat Destinations

Germany is referred to being the country of poets and thinkers due to the well known poets Johann Wolfgand von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller along with narrators and authors who wrote Hansel and Gretel and the Grimm brothers.

The countries capital city is Berlin and Germany is divided into 16 federal states which have their own policies and laws in certain fields i.e. culture and education. The federal government is usually responsible for defences, justice, finance and the affairs with foreign countries.

The 16 federal countries are Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Baden-Wurttermberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, Hesse, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Saarland, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia,

As well as this, Germany has the largest economy in Europe with it being the third largest in the world. Companies in the country export goods worth millions which makes it one of the largest exporters.

Expats moving to the country will be able to live an excellent standard of a thriving economy, which is no surprise as it is one of the most popular expat destinations to move to where you can experience the wealthy Munich city and the party life of Berlin depending on where you choose to move.

With that being said, the cost of living in the country depends on what city you choose to move to – the popular expat cities are Munich which is the most expensive followed by Frankfurt. Berlin however does have cheaper rent properties than in Dusseldorf and Hamburg which has previously been rated the most expensive for expats.


The second largest city in Germany is Hamburg with a population of over 1.7 million people and is located on the Elbe River flowing into the North Sea. This city has the second largest port in Europe making it an important transport hub.

Hamburg is known to be a popular tourist destination for both international and domestic visitors with major European science, research and education hubs with many institutions and universities. As well as this, the theatres and musical shows are proven to be popular amongst the tourists with it being the best European entertainment districts.

Hamburg and Bremen are the only city states which have something of the medieval independences which it has been proudly maintained by the people living there. It is a city which has a cosmopolitan city in its outlook

Expats moving to Hamburg with children will find that the school system is administered by the state ministry of schools and vocational training with around 245 primary schools and 195 secondary schools. The education in public schools is free and the standards of education comparing to other cities in Germany is not so great. In addition to this, there are international schools and a French school available.

There are great public transport links with four underground lines, six above ground suburban lines and nine regional services.

Not only does Hamburg offer business opportunities, but expatriates can enjoy the beautiful sunsets, green space and country sides.


The weather in Hamburg experiences a mild climate with warm summers and cool winters. The winter temperatures are around 34.2 °F and the summer temperatures is 62.4 °F. Seasons are varied with June to August being the hottest and the coldest months being December to February.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Hamburg

  1. Miniatur Wonderland
  2. Port of Hamburg
  3. Hamburg Rathaus
  4. St Michaels Church
  5. Ohlsdorf Chemistry
  6. Museum of Arts and Crafts
  7. International Maritime Museum
  8. Altona


This is the capital and largest city of Germany along with it being one of the 16 states with a population of 3.7 million. Berlin is the most popular cities of Germany and expats moving here will be living in a thriving and cosmopolitan city.

Both expats and tourists come here to visit the beautiful lakes, forests and the fairytale castles with the modern architecture and historical buildings. Its cultural scene and the way of life is fast paced and relaxed. Expats will also find that the sights of Berlin tell the story of an entire nation and that this city is home to the government buildings and the German parliament.

Here you will find more than 150 museums with it being the city of art and museums as well as this many people come to Berlin to see the leading orchestras, ballets and theatre shows.

With a relaxed surrounding, green space, forests and lakes expats will want to move here for the laid back lifestyle and enjoyable attractions.

Looking for property in the city is more affordable than in London and there is a low cost of living with cheap rents and accommodation. Berlin benefits from the well-organized public transport system, education, higher education and the healthcare. Education is considered important in Berlin and there has been an importance shown for higher education with the number of universities, colleges and research institutes that are available.


The weather in Berlin ranges from it being hot in July with temperatures of 18°C and the coldest is in January with temperatures from -1°C. The wettest month in the year is June with rainfall to an average of 71mm.

Popular tourist attractions in Berlin

  1. Reichstag
  2. Berlin television tower
  3. Bradenburg Gate
  4. Berlin cathedral
  5. Museum Island
  6. Charolottenburg Palace


Those moving to Frankfurt will have many things to do to keep entertained, from sports, dining out, festivals and exploring the culture. This city is the fifth largest city in Germany and expats moving here will experience great education, tourism attractions and beautiful culture.

Frankfurt is most famous for the business and financial centres of Germany with it being the largest city in the German state. It is also known for having the busiest airport and the innovative skyline. It is home to the European central bank Deutsche bank and has other large commercial banks.

Expats moving here can find themselves in a global city which has a combined role of a modern and cultural environment.

There are many shopping centres, sightseeing attractions and theatre shows to enjoy here along with the excellent public transport methods to get around seeing all these.

The accommodation here can be expensive but there are different types of properties which are available so it is important that expats secure a home quickly here due to the demand of affordable housing prices. Those who are moving with children will have many options of schools – from public and private schools available which have an excellent standard of teaching as well as the international schools that are available.


The weather in Frankfurt shows warm summers and cold winters with the months of winter being stormy and having snowfalls. July is the hottest month with temperatures of 19°C and the coldest month is January with temperatures of 1°C

Popular Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt

  1. The Romerburg
  2. Goethe House and Museum
  3. Senckenburg National History Museum
  4. The old opera house
  5. St Bartholomews Cathedral
  6. Zoo Frankfurt
  7. St Pauls Church
  8. The Palm Gardens