Annual Events in Germany

There are many events that take place all year round in Germany which gives expats the opportunity to meet and socialise with others. This is also a great time to engross in the German culture during the celebrations. Some of the popular events include:

  1. Berlin International Film Festival: This is the world second largest international film festival after Cannes. Anyone is able to buy tickets online to attend.
  2. Oktoberfest: A traditional festival with beer, Bavarian foods, bands playing music and lots of German men wearing This beer festival is held in Munich and is free of charge for families.
  3. Rock am Ring and Rock im Park: A huge rock festival which is held over three days in different locations. Suitable for all ages and is one of the largest musical festivals in the world.
  4. Leipzig Book Fair: Those who enjoy reading or even writing will love this as it is one of the biggest dates in the calendar for those who work in publishing. Here you can meet favourite authors and find out about books.
  5. Festival – Mediaval: A major medieval festival which is held in Selb (close to the German Czech border), It has many things to take part in such as archery, birds of prey and other things associated to the medieval life along with great music.
  6. Karneval: A carnival which starts in November to the following Ash Wednesday and it has been tradition that women could kiss any man after cutting his tie off. Expats will get to experience huge street parties and parades on the streets on the weekend before.
  7. International Dixieland Festival: A jazz festival which is one of the oldest in Europe recreating the atmosphere of the south of America. Music is played on the paddleboat streamers
  8. Africa festival, Würtzburg: One of the largest African music and culture festivals which is held in the whole of Europe. You will experience hundreds of musicians, singers and dancers from around Africa along with thousands of visitors.
  9. German Christmas Markets : The Christmas markets can be found in many countries, but Germany definitely has the best ones with seasonal gifts, food stalls and spiced wine