Employment in Germany

Expats seeking employment in Germany will find that there are different ways to be successful in the job search. Although it can be difficult to get started especially if you are restricted to only English speaking jobs. However, those that are qualified with a degree and have work experience as well as being able to speak German have a good chance of obtaining employment.

Germany is one of the largest economies in Europe and is the fifth largest in the world which means that there will be jobs in the country for expats with a specialist and qualified skills with the skills shortages. Other casual jobs are also available but in most cases, a small amount of the German language must be known.

Those moving to the country that is outside of the EU will also need to make sure that they are eligible to work in Germany.

The IT industry in the country is one of the largest and is always looking for employees to join, there are also opportunities for those who have interest or experience in biology, chemistry, engineering and high-tech science.

The salaries vary on what employment you have and the country has some of the highest in the world especially those individuals who have degrees.

There are many benefits in working in Germany and workers are able to get holidays, paid sick leave, paternity/maternity leave and have the option of part-time working.

Finding a Job

The majority of the expats who move to Germany are usually transferred from international and overseas companies. Individuals who have not secured a job before arriving may find it difficult and must ensure that they provide a well-detailed CV which shows education and professional qualifications/experience.

Along with the CV, employers will want a recommendation from previous employers as well as a copy of your degree.

A good way of finding work can be by signing up to a recruitment agency who can help find work in particular fields and advise candidates on what documents will need to be included in part of the applications.

To find a list of recruitment agencies in Germany, these can be found online or on the German yellow pages. It is also recommended that you find out if the agency will charge a fee for help you find work. There are also many international recruitment agencies in the country which list specialist jobs.

Other ways of finding work can be through websites which can be used by expats. Below is a list of popular websites that are used to find work

Expatica Jobs – This website is used by those who are looking for English speaking jobs. A list of jobs are available in a range of sectors

EURES – Those who are from the EU, EEA or Switzerland can find work through this websites. A job portal which maintained by the European commission and is designed for you to be able to submit your CV as well as getting advice in legal issues

Public German Job – The federal employment agency is the largest provider of labour markets in the country. They have around
700 agencies and offices in and around the country.

For English speaking jobs, you can visit these websites

  • English Jobs
  • Craigslist – A job portal which has casual jobs
  • Toplanguage jobs – Have a list of English speaking jobs as well as other languages.

Many company websites generally advertise jobs available on their own website in both English and German. Top companies in Germany include: Adidas, Siemens, Volkswagen, Bosch, Deutsche Bank and much more

Teaching English

For native English speakers, there are many opportunities to teach English in German schools. You will, however, need to have a degree, experience and a TEFL qualification.
Facts about working in Germany

  • Business hours: The working hours are Monday to Friday 9 am-12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm
  • Business language: The main language spoken is English but in some parts of the country the second language which is spoken is Russian or German
  • Greeting: A handshake is the usual greeting in business
  • Dress Code: Conservative, Smart and Formal