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The country is the sixth largest economy in the world and a major player within the EU which has a great culture as well as language, and many may find it difficult to adapt to the rules of French life. The language is one of the hardest barriers as most French citizens will prefer to speak in their own language, nevertheless most individuals would be able to speak some English. If you are making your decision to move to France, speaking the language will be a big benefit.

Those who move to France can enjoy long country lunches, sunbathing on the beaches and Parisian art and couture as well as many other things.

There are three main types of climates in France:

  1. Oceanic – In Western France where there is Large rainfalls, cool winters and cool summers
  2. Mediterranean – In the South of France there is cool winters, limited rainfall and hot summers
  3. Continental – In the Eastern and Central France it is cold, has snowy winters and warm summers.


Paris – France’s capital city and the most popular city in the country visited by millions each year. Expats will be moving to the city of love, lights and festivity where they are able to find historical landmarks on every street.

Some expats may not choose to live here and would prefer to live in the rural areas due to the less congestion and larger houses that are available.  It is easy to travel around in Paris, with great public transport, feel free to travel around visiting the popular sites in the area as well as having opportunities to work in the global companies that are located here. Though, expats who are unable to speak French and don’t have good qualifications may struggle to find work in the city

Living here will be enjoyable by many with the activities to enjoy, restaurants and parks to explore having something to do most of the time. The cost of living in Paris may be expensive as accommodation is expensive, quite competitive and in demand.

Despite the challenges, Paris is a great unforgettable city with exciting experiences for all.

Popular Tourist Attractions:

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Notre Dame de Paris
  3. The Louvre
  4. Champs-Elysees
  5. Musee d’Orsay
  6. Arc de Triomphe
  7. Disney Land Paris


Expats relocating to Paris will enjoy the pleasant summers with temperatures of up to 25°C (77°F) and winter being below freezing.


Marseille is the second largest city in France after Paris with a population made up of native French citizens, foreign residents and many expatriates. Catholicism, Jewish and Islam are the main religions in Marseille with around 80,000 Jewish residents.

Many expats usually move to Marseilles to work at France’s largest port or in one of the multi-national corporations which are based in the main city.

Rather than finding employment once in the city, it is recommended that you secure work in Marseille before arrival and you should be able to demonstrate skills and experience you will be bringing.

Expats, who are not a citizen of the EU, will be required to apply for long stay visa or a residency permit. Children who are accompanying their parents to the country will be able to enrol into the international schools which are a good choice for long term-expats. It is also home to many international universities for students who wish to study here.

Popular tourist’s attractions:

  1. Old port of Marseille
  2. Palais Longchamp
  3. Abbey of St Victor
  4. Fort Saint-Jean
  5. Marseille Cathedral
  6. Marseille History Museum


Marseille has four seasons: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. July is the hottest month with temperatures of 24°C and the coldest month is January with temperatures ranging from 7°C. In the months of September – November it is mildly cold with October being the wettest month.


Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Nice is the second largest city which is on the south east coast of France. Expats moving here can enjoy the lovely summer weather and the natural beauty of the town with the oceans being a few miles away and mountains being a short bus ride. Expats are able to enjoy many activities from windsurfing to mountain climbing. Due to this reason, many artists and writers are drawn to Nice being inspired by the unique views.

Nice is a town which is one of the largest in France and most middle aged and retired expats generally move here to enjoy life in the hot weather, although some may come to study or work in the town. In addition to this, there is a large community of English speaking people with some Irish pubs in town where you can meet the locals.

Nice is a highly desirable location to live, with it being home to some well known celebrities, however expats moving here may be limited in employment opportunities with jobs mainly being available in the hospitality and tourism industry.

With the convenience of public transport, expats will not need to purchase a car as buses and trams run throughout the city and towns.

Popular tourist attractions:

  1. French Riviera
  2. Promenade des Anglais
  3. Musee Matisse
  4. Musee d’art Moderne et d’art


The weather in summer is usually warm and dry with temperatures between 20°C and 26°C. Winters are also sunny with temperatures being 10°C – 15°C during the day, and 4°C – 10°C) at night. In the winter there will be rain but this usually clears up.