Leisure – Sports, Food, Art, Golf, Cinema & More

As well as food and art, sports also make up the French culture. France offers different options for expats to take part in and enjoy

If you want to take part in a sports team in France, you must obtain a sporting license which will show your medical suitability to be able to participate in that sport.

With all the opportunities of sports such as football and rugby the gym is not so much used by French residents.

Sports: There are many different types of sports available in areas of the country such as scuba diving and fishing which is popular in the Mediterranean resorts. Expats who are quite adventurous will have the option to go Kayaking and rafting and many sports companies do a lot of adventure sports.

Skiing: Another favourite sport with tourists and visitors as the world’s leading ski resorts are here.

Golf: If you are in the countryside, golf can be enjoyed with the several golf courses that are available.

Cinema: If you are not a fan of sports, France has one of the largest cinema outputs in the world and is the most popular hobby. Cinemas in France show movies that have been made in the UK and the US as well as French movies. Expats may find that some movies have been dubbed into French.

Theatre: Going to the theatre is also becoming popular with different ones in the country. You will find a theatre in the large cities as well as the smaller towns.

Museums: Many people enjoy going to the museum and most tourists visit at least one of them when on holiday. It has been established that there is around 1200 museums in the country

Sight Seeing:  When living in France there will be many buildings and monuments that you will want to visit. These include The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Sacre-Couer Cathedral. These are generally open to the public

France is also known for its cafe culture, Cafes in France have a relaxed atmosphere and many people prefer to go here in a relaxed environment to spend time with their friends.

Festivals: France is home to a number of festivals in the year. With literature and music events as well as arts and crafts. Residents will also have the opportunity to learn about developments of Science in the world in the Science week that is held. Also a popular choice for children

Cannes Film Festival: Most famous festival in France which celebrates cinema from countries around the world.

To find out more information about what activities take place in your area, you can visit the La Mairie in your area.