Expert Helpers for Guidance and Help

Expats who require guidance and advice in services when in the country are able to contact different people. One of the main ones being La Mairie, you will be able to find these office in and around the country who will able to assist you in many different things.

Other services available

British Community Association of Lille: This is an organisation supplemented by English speakers. Expat families will have opportunities to meet and enjoy social activities –

Bordeaux Women’s club: A woman’s club which helps international English speaking communities to integrate into the French life and culture –

British Association Alpes Maritimes: Provides welfare, social and general advice to British newcomers in Alpes Maritimes. With different branches in other cities. –

Alliance Anglo-normande:  Helps English speakers to integrate into the French life and provides French language courses –

L’Association Bordeaux-USA: Holds weekly meetings, conferences and debates on the US with open conversation in both English and French. –

Popular recruitment agencies and website which will help find work include:

Other services – This website will provide expats information on Internet services providers and service comparisons. This can assist you on finding a company with the best package for you in your area.