Driving Rules and Regulations

Driving in France is on the right hand side and EU citizens are able to drive with their national driving license. Those who are not a citizen of the EU will be required to apply for an International driving license. There is an agreement with other countries and states including US states, Canadian provinces, South Africa and Australia where expats are able to exchange their license within the first 12 months of legal residency in the country. If the license is not exchanged, expats will have to take a French theory and driving test.

France has a great effective network of highways and toll roads which are mainly used when travelling to other cities. With the road safety improving, many people prefer to and enjoy driving in the country despite the traffic congestion in the major cities. The ‘A’ routes (French motorways) are mainly tolled and the ‘N’ national routes are toll free.

Expats moving to France for more than 6 months will need a French driving license as well as have their car inspected. Drivers will also be required to have a registration certification and an insurance certificate

Speed Limits

The speed limits in France are as follows:

  • Toll Motorways : Max speed limit is 80Mph (Good weather) and 68Mph (Bad weather)

Dual Carriageways and Non-Toll Roads: 68Mph

  • The Paris ring road : 49Mph
  • Built up Areas: 31Mph
  • Outside built up areas: 55Mph (Good weather) and 49Mph (Bad weather)

If you are caught speeding you will be heavily fined and you may have your license and car confiscated.