Public Transport and Travel


Using public transport is a common way of getting around and the Channel Islands have good transport links which make it easier to get around with the network of public transport that is available.

Public Transport

Expats moving to the Channel Islands will want to know what the means of transport are especially when wanting to explore the islands or getting to know the routes to get to your workplace.


The Islands Jersey and Guernsey have resourceful bus services with local bus services provided in local areas across these islands.  These definitely offer a cost effective option with frequent services.

The main routes in Jersey are connected through the Liberation Station in St Hellier which has a total number of 19 bus routes available across the islands. Bus Fares are usuall dependant on the distance of the journey and can be brought from the driver which boarding.

With Jersey being a small size it makes it more ideal to explore the island on a bus with the top destinations and country lines, family attractions to be seen.

Guernsey has bus routes which offer services across the island taking you to the most of the places to see and attractions.

For details on the services and timetables these can be found on the Jersey buses and Guernsey Buses


Railway services are available in Alderney which is only two miles long and is run regularly at seasonal periods. Other than this, other railway services are currently not available.


Taxis can be found on both the main islands and can be caught from the designated ranks or even booked beforehand.


This is one of the popular ways in getting to an Island and inter-island ferry connections are available with regular services to France.


A popular transport method which is used around the world as well as the Cannel Islands. Expats who enjoy cycling will find that Guernsey have a few dedicated cycles lanes which are based on the main roads and Jersey which has a sign posted island for cycle networks.

There are many quiet countryside roads and cycling provides a cost effecting way of seeing the beautiful scenes taking in the tourist attractions.

Guernsey has a number of hiring companies where people can rent a bicycle to explore the scenic islands which can be explored at your own leisure.

Air Travel

There are major airports in both of the islands Jersey and Guernsey which can be accessed via a bus or a taxi. Flights between the islands are up to 15 minutes long but those who want to travel to Herm, Sark or Alderney should do by a ferry.

The UK has good air travel links with the Channel Islands and is quite regular from Gatwick, Southend and Luton airport to Jersey airport. Airline operators include  – Flybe, BMI, Air Berlin, Aer Lingus and easyJet.