Leisure Activities

Throughout Channel Islands there are many things to do for example  sports, entertainment, movie theatre and art.

Sports– there are many sporting places located around Channel Islands available for all ages. The most popular place is Les Ormes Resort where there are outdoor and indoor sporting activities for all ages. Aqua Splash is another sporting leisure available for everyone who enjoys swimming and having fun at water parks.

Entertainment- Channel Islands has a range of entertainment available for all ages such as cinema, go karting and bowling however the best more popular entertainment location is Creepy Valley Adventure Centre. This is a popular location for both kids and adults who love swinging around and having fun like animals, it is an adventure course including aerial trekking, king swing, zip lining and power fan jump.

Museums- there are over 15 different museums in Channel Islands which are very popular by tourist visiting.

Restaurants and Cafes- From beach cafes to chic restaurants, farm stalls to village delis, Channel Island is packed with amazing eating experiences.

Sightseeing- Channel Islands has many must see attractions such as Mont Orgueil Castle, Elizabeth Castle which is a 16th century fortress on a rocky islet, Jersey zoo wildlife park and the La Hougue Bie this is where Neolithic tomb and archaeological findings are found.