Popular Expat Destinations

The duchy of Normandy owned the Channel Islands and these were passed to the English crown in 1066 when William the conqueror had become king of England. In 1204 England lost the mainland Normand but the islands were kept of the crowns which were later divided into two bailiwicks.

The native islanders of Norman French and the British extraction make up the population of the Channel Islands with a total of around 160,000.

Whether you are going there alone or with your family, you will always find something/somewhere to go to be entertained. From many beaches, museums and art galleries to be found.


Several people move to Jersey simply for the sun as there is more sun than in the UK, this makes it one the most popular expat destinations and tourist attractions in the Channel islands. It has a varied history with many wars and ant attacks over numerous centuries. With that being said, there is a mixture of both the British and French cultures which is known for the sandy beaches, historic castles, inland valleys and Cliffside’s.  It has a thriving financial, tourist and agriculture industries and has been the biggest of the Channel Islands over 8,000 years – It is closer to France than England with the North West coast of France being 22KM away and the south of England being over 140KM.

Moving to Jersey may prove difficult for some expats especially with the government wanting to keep the population at around 85,000. Along with this, buying or investing in property has been made easier by the government for people who live on the island so that they have better access to homes and apartments which means tourists and expats will find it difficult to acquire real estate.

The healthcare system is a priority in Jersey and the facilities are sufficient for medical procedures, however those who have a serious condition they will be required to go to the mainland for care. The cost of living may be higher for Americans as it is on the British pound, but expats who are earning well and those that can afford to live in Jersey will have a great experience.

As well as all the tourist attractions, there are many shopping centres and entertainment choices that can be found. For those who enjoy going to pubs and cafes there is a wide range to choose from along with all the nightlife.


The weather in Jersey is more beautiful compared to the mainland of England and the island is the hottest place in the British Isles throughout the summer. July is the hottest month with temperatures from 17°C and the coldest is in January with temperatures at 6°C.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Jersey

  1. Elizabeth castle
  2. Mont Orgueil
  3. Jersey Zoo
  4. Tamba Park
  5. St Brelades Bay beach
  6. Jersey War Tunnels
  7. Corbiere Lighthouse
  8. Samares Manor
  9. Battery Lothringen
  10. Greve de Lecq


Alderney is a unique holiday destination which is around 40 minutes from the UK and has a relaxed French feel. It is the northernmost of the populated Channel Islands which is the third largest island – part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Those that are looking for an improved work life with benefits of a low tax regime, Alderney could be the place to move to. It offers friendly and welcoming surrounding to businesses due to the great communications.

The first airport in the Channel Islands was built here in 1983 and is the closest airport to the South coast of England.

Residents in Alderney enjoy sports here and some of the main sports include fishing, golf and many water sports. Expats residing here will find that there are air races taking places in the month of September where aircrafts compete to go into the finals of the European Air Racing championship. This generally involves high circuits round the airfield.


The hottest month in Alderney is August when there are temperatures of 17°C and the coldest is in July with temperatures starting from 6°C. In December there is rainfall being the wettest month in the year.

Popular tourist attractions in Alderney

  1. Naval direction Tower
  2. Alderney Society museum
  3. Quesnard lighthouse
  4. Saye Bay
  5. St Annes church
  6. Longis beach
  7. Corblets beach


Guernsey is an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy, with tons of smaller nearby islands; it forms a jurisdiction within the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The jurisdiction is made up of ten parishes on the island, three other inhabited islands and many small islets and rocks. The population of Guernsey is estimated 63,026 from 2016 with the median age for males is 40 years and females is 42 years.

Guernsey has been a tourist destination since the Victorian days with its sandy beaches, cliff walks, seascapes and offshore islands. The military history of the island has left a range of meaningful buildings including Castle Cornet Guernsey loophole towers, Fort Grey and a large number of German museums.

Popular tourist attractions in Guernsey

  1. Castle Cornet
  2. Lihou
  3. Fort Hommet
  4. Hauteville House
  5. Little Chapel
  6. Victor Hugo House


The annual weather averages with August being the hottest month in Guernsey with an average temperature of 17°C and the coldest is February at 6°C with the most daily sunshine.. However the wettest month is January.