Seeking Employment

The main employment sectors in the Channel Islands are tourism, agriculture and banking. Banking is especially attractive to expats moving here as it has a constructive tax environment. However, unless expats are British Citizens, they will need to prove that they have skills and experience which is not found in the local workforce.

Expats may find it difficult to find work in the Channel Islands due to the low unemployment rates, however, there is a number of agencies who can help with job applications and find work with potential employers.

Some recruitment agencies around the Channel Islands include:

Other ways of finding work in the Channel Islands includes online job websites, newspaper ads, word of mouth and emailing or handing out CV’s.

The Channel Islands are open to applications from many people including all skilled people, but preference may be first given to those who have been on the Island for longer than five years, for those who were born here and whose parents were born in Jersey or are registered, residents.

The business culture in the Channel Islands has been subjective to British and the French customs.

Facts about working in Channel Islands

  • Business hours: Working hours in the Channel Islands is usually Monday – Friday between 9-5pm.
  • Business language: The main language spoken is English but French is also spoken frequently
  • Dress Code: Those working in Channel Islands dress professionally but the dress code varies from company to company.
  • Greeting: Expats are advised to not address colleagues by their first names until asked to do so