Education and Study


In the Channel Islands, there are three schooling systems available

  1. Free states of Jersey schools
  2. Fee paying states of jersey schools
  3. Private fee-paying schools

It is compulsory for children to attend school when they have turned five and usually places are offered at the beginning of the school year when their fifth birthday falls.

In the Channel Islands, the education system differs to the UK as expats will need to take into account the exact location of their new home before choosing schooling options for children. When it comes to public or state schools in both Jersey and Guernsey they are very similar to England when following the same curriculum and assure to offer high standards of education for the same ages back in the UK.

There is a handful of selection of non-fee paying primary and secondary schools including some that offer per-school classes. Expats can also decide to send their children to one of a few of the independent private schools; however, these can be far more expensive than in the UK. Jersey has a college for further education and a university centre, Highlands College, which offers a variety of part-time and evening courses.

When applying for a place in a school you will be required to show the following

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of child’s identity
  • Completed admission for
  • Child’s birth certificate

The registration for reception should be done in November, the year before a child is due to start school.

Parents who wish to apply for a school which is not in your area will need to a request and send a registration of interest to the catchment school. Places will only be offered based on the space available and the admissions criteria. If the child is not accepted in the catchment school, they will be offered a place in a school which may not have been one of the choices.

Fee paying and private schools

Expats who want to send their child to a private school or a fee-paying school will need to contact the school directly to apply as they manage their own admissions. Here you will be able to find out information about the costs and the admissions process

Students who are looking to go to university aiming to get a degree are more than likely to choose to complete their tertiary education in the UK.