Driving Rules and Regulations

Driving in the Channel Islands is done on the left-hand side of the road and you will find that the roads are quite narrow with speed limits also being low.

The road networks are fairly good in Guernsey and Jersey, however, the smaller islands of the Channel Islands are car-free zones with main transport being bicycles and horse carts.

Expats wanting to drive here should take into consideration that there are many challenges they will face such as parking, fuel being expensive and distance being short. Those who have parked in the wrong place or go over their parking time will be fined.

If you want to drive in the Channel Islands, you will be expected to apply for a license. This can be done via the local Jersey and Guernsey traffic authorities. Driving permits from the UK or internationally will not be accepted. As well as this, expats will need to have a certificate of insurance or an international green card, a valid driving license or an international driving permit

Individuals who become a resident of the Channel Islands will need to exchange their foreign driving license.

How to apply for a driving license

To apply for a driving license, you will be required to have a valid driving license for the vehicle you will be driving and the license application should be taken to the parish hall along with

  • Completed application form
  • One passport sized colour photograph
  • License fee – (£50 for a full license)

Speed limits in the Channel Islands

The speed limits vary around the islands depending on the road surfaces

Speed limit through the island is 40mph

Stretches of road/Built up areas – 20/30 mph

Roads designated as green lanes – 15mph