When renting a flat, buying a house or even searching for accommodation, expats should consider the cost of utilities. There is a frequent need for electricity, gas and water.

Houses that are being built continue to use single glazed windows and do not offer the same insulation as double and triple glazed windows. This will give added extra costs to the property.


Electricity prices in Australia have gone up because of the growing demand.  The electricity works on a system of 230 Volts so if you are an expat who has taken an appliance from a different country you must ensure that you are using an adapter which will convert the current.

Some states in Australia have a large number of electricity suppliers but there are other areas where there is only one supplier. Some of the main companies include: AGL, Origin Energy and Energy Australia.
The increase and demand of electricity has resulted in higher bills for those with a large home and big family. Expats are able to take over an account but unfortunately discounts are not available with suppliers unless you take advantage of off peak rates and also use the same suppliers for gas.

Tip: Expats should only use electrical appliances when absolute necessary due to the high costs. Flat screen Televisions use much more electricity so these should be turned off and unplugged when it is not in use.

Expats may find that power cuts occur in some states such as remote areas. It is advisable that you stay prepared and keep candles in the house. Also keep your own generators.


Expats who have newly arrived in Australia and have rented out a property can take over an existing account or swap an account online without any interruptions. If you require gas connected to a newly built home, a supplier must be contacted six weeks before you move in. You must note that gas mains might need to be extended to properties, along with the installation of meter boxes

It is found that in Australia Gas is currently cheaper than electricity. Gas is mainly used for central heating but for many old houses they have a primitive heating system.


When expats move to Australia, they do not need to arrange for a new connection of water as it is already being supplied by the state government. Rent is often inclusive of water depending of the state you are residing in; you must contact the owner of property or the agent for the meter to be read before you take over the property. It is advisable that expats buying property should speak to the settlement agent who will inform the Water supplier of the owner.

Here is an average table of the prices of utilities each month for a property. This can vary depending on the state/area that you are in and also depending on the month

Utilities (Monthly) Average Price Price Range
Electricity, Heating, Water for a 915 sq ft Apartment $ 171.52 $ 107.00-$250.00