Expert help for Expats

Expat’s, who are new-comers to Ireland, will find that there is lots of expert help and assistance available to settle in.

AES International Financial Advice: An organisation which offers financial advice, investment management, tax planning and insurance services to private clients. Great for expats who require financial assistant or assistant in taxes in Ireland – Website:

Ireland Meet up Groups: These have many meet up groups where expats are able to meet other foreign nationals with different cultures and languages – Website:

Irish Canadian Society: A company in Dublin which promotes through social and sporting activities amongst residents of Ireland who have Irish Canadian connections – Website:

International Women’s Organisation: Based in Limerick is an organisation made up of women who bring a large variety of talents with ongoing activities every week – Website:

Internations: A group which offers meetings assisting in any help needed once relocated into the country. They organise evenings out and coffee meetings – Website:

Local Citizens Information Centre: Provides information on education, employment, moving to the country, health and much more. Offices are based in different areas – Website: