Regular Social Events

There are many events in the USA where expats are able to socialise and meet others all year round. All these events happen in the different states where travelling is easily done to attend. Some popular events include

Rose Bowl Parade: This is held in January every year on New Year’s Day where there are spectacular floats made by flowers and flower petals. This is a big organised event and is shown on television across the country attended by thousands of people.

Martin Luther King Day: This is held in January to honour the life of Martin Luther King. Events take place in Washington DC which includes a wreath laying service and a parade

Super Bowl Sunday: A grand championship playoff match of the National Football League which is held in a large football arena with performances from famous singers. Tickets to this are very hard to purchase due to the popularity of this event. Most people who don’t attend this will hold a super bowl party where they eat and drink with their friends.

Spring Break in Florida: Universities and colleges across the country give students breaks from classes, so students generally go to Florida for beach partying.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: This event lasts for a whole month offering residents to see music entertainment, livestock exhibits and tradition rodeo competitions in Texas.

Saint Patricks Day:  This is a memorial day for the patron saint of Ireland which is celebrated amongst Irish Americans. In every city there are parades organised as well as an evening of partying. New York and Boston have the largest celebrations.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival: This is held every year in April where flower lovers gather to walk through the fields, buy bulbs and welcome spring. If you enjoy the natural beauty of flowers this is something you can join in with.

Gathering of Nations Indian Powwow: This is a large gathering of Native American tribes which features Indian culture such as dancing, singing and drumming. The Native Americans will be dressed in traditional dance attire

Fiesto Noche Del Rio:  A summer outdoor performance which is on the river walk in San Antonio in Texas. You will have the opportunity to view songs and dances of Mexico, Spain and Argentina.

Spoleto Festival:  A festival equivalent to one held in Italy is a mix of dance, theatre, opera and visual arts

Quick Check New Jersey Festival of Ballooning: This is one of the largest summertime hot air balloon and music festivals which are held in North America. It is a three day event for families to enjoy hot air balloon views

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: In October, New Mexico will fill the air with vibrant colours of hot air balloons.  Guests who attend will see competitions including races and balloon rides are also available.

Halloween:  A festival which is very popular in the USA where children around the country dress up in costumes and hang about their neighbourhood in order to get candy. In some cities expats will discover that parades are held.

Thanksgiving Day: An American holiday where friends and family gather together for a feast and to thank their blessings they have in their lives.

New Years Eve Parties: All across the USA there will be New Year eve parties with the most famous held in Times Square in New York City. Las Vegas is another city that holds a party with thousands attending to celebrate and view a beautiful fireworks display