American Cuisine


Living in the United States you will discover that there is a variety of speciality dishes in different cities, states and regions. You may find that some dishes are similar to ones in your home country but have an American twist on them. The American cuisine will give you plenty to discover including the tastes and flavours.

The variety of food in the country reflects the history as a country with the range of immigrants who live here.

Popular foods in America include: Burgers, cheeseburgers, onion rings, steaks and fries.

Seafood is also popular especially for people who live close to coastal areas and offer crawfish, crabs, fried catfish and mussels.

There are a lot of Italian restaurants and pizza chains available for people who enjoy this. Mexican food is also another favourite as well as Chinese or Japanese. With the different types of cuisines and dishes individuals have a range to choose from.

Breakfast starts from 7am- 10.30am

Brunch in restaurants is offered on a daily basis between 10am – 3pm

Lunch is taken between midday and 2pm

Dinner is eaten earlier between 5pm-6pm